Tuesday, October 4, 2011


by Bradley
    It all started with a person named Gruff. He saw that there was nothing so he decided to make something so he wouldn’t be bored.
    He didn’t know how to make water though. So he cried because he couldn’t make water and also because of his boredom. Then he stopped crying and saw that his tears had made water. He decided to call this water Ocean.
He was satisfied with the Ocean for a while then became weary of it. “How can I make this better?” he thought. So he decided to make creatures to inhabit the water. He named these creatures fish.
He was satisfied of his achievements for a short period of time, but quickly got bored. So he came to the conclusion that he should make creatures that lived out of the water. “How would they survive?” he asked himself. Then, he decided to give these creatures wings and he called them birds. “They have no place to rest,” decided Gruff. So he decided to make land.
These creatures couldn’t see, so he made a bright light, which was called day and lesser lights, which were the moon and her stars.
He was satisfied for awhile. Then he got lonely so he decided to create a woman to inhabit the land. After she was created he saw that she had no food for nourishment. So he created the trees that bear fruit and animals with their meat and every other thing that the women would need to survive.
He saw what he accomplished and was pleased. Then he saw that the women was lonely so he went down from the sky to join her and they became the mother and father of all children.

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