Thursday, September 22, 2011

by Camille
            From whence we came is but a silly question. We humans have always been here on Earth. However, our country is rather new as our country is only 5,000 years old. Older countries have been around for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. There are a few countries that are still around from a million years ago.
The Earth and the Sun are too big to be formed by hands, so it must be that they were always here too. The Sun is probably just a shiny large rock and the moon looks like a rock when it is all there. Rocks are solid masses that according to its kind are different like the Earth verses the Sun verses the Moon verses the stars. The Sun and Moon dance around the Earth taking turns of exhibiting their light so the other can rest while they recuperate from a tiring work day.
The land and water compete in a battle dance for control over the earth, while humans settle for being the intermediaries being both on land and water. Our animals that are here tend to be complacent with their lot in life while others are temperamental with our liability as humans to eat them. Plants start growing after seeds are planted and to get seeds, they must come from a plant so it is impossible to say if the tree or seed came first if there ever was a first (like the chicken or the egg dilemma.)
There was no beginning and so there is no end like a circle in a way. That is why it is called the circle of life. Earth is the living circle among the heavens.

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