Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Creation
by Chelsey
    Once there were millions and millions of blank pieces of paper. There was nothing in the universe, so naturally nothing could be written on them. God was up in heaven gazing sullenly at the paper, and realized that something had to be done. He did what any smart guy would do, and asked his wife. So it was that she made ink, graphite and lead. From these three elements she was able to form pens and pencils.
    God’s wife grabbed five of her children and each was able to write on a page of the paper. The first wrote of the planet, Earth, and of the land and waters. The second wrote of grass, trees, and other nature. The third wrote of animals, both in the ocean and on land. The fourth wrote of berries, fruits, and other natural foods. The fifth wrote of the sun, stars and moon surrounding the Earth.
    God and his wife had two more children, however, and they were unhappy that they weren’t able to participate. The first one thrust two of the other children down to Earth so that they would be stuck there forever. The other child stole some blank pages and wrote of natural disasters and horrible creatures that were vicious and cruel. He wrote of trials and tribulations for his brother and sister.
    The two were proud of what they had done, and told God what a horrible accident it was, and they were sorry to have lost their siblings. God was furious, and blamed his sons and wife for what had occurred, but his wife had an idea. She proposed the idea of letting them live on Earth, but still being able to communicate with them. God agreed and talked with his children of this plan.
    God wrote his two Earth children to become mortal, and to create more children to fill the Earth with their posterity. After a few hundred years they began to miss their children and wished to see them again. So it was that God wrote of death, not as a trial, but merely as a passageway back to heaven. Whenever he missed his children he would write of death upon their name, and the child would return to heaven.

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