Monday, September 12, 2011

The Game of Everything
by Tage
    Things began.... How they did our minds cannot comprehend for we can only understand things through what we have understood. But there was nothing in the started startless infinity but The Great Presence. It knows of all the was and there was nothing, It knew it could make the rules and laws and twist them to its will, It was all and started with itself and selves for it was many but it was one, and it was nothing.
    It decided that it would do things for they wished to do things and the created the all and did everything.... Then ,after nothing was all that was left of everything, it decided to play a game. The rules are the laws that govern this universe we live in and that it can’t know that all is itself. So it spilt its self into countless minds and caused them to forget then it set the started point, a point of space the held a everything. A ultimate game board that would explode and create all available space for the players. And when everything was ready it began.
    It took time for the players to appear but appear they did and they evolved and changed and lived and died and adapted, and now after a timeless eternity that tics like a clock we became what we are now. We play the game and fallow the rules that guide our everything trying to understand what we are and what to do. rolling dice and and learning shortcuts in the game without rules. and one day we will return to the Great Presence with the all inside our minds after the board is done we will play a new game......

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