Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Cosmogony
by Vanessa
The Royal Tsar was birthed through the sand particles of diamond dust from a star. It was when he was in existence for 1,000 hours he finally came to his senses and began to think critically. He concluded that he desired to teach a being similar to him his ways of critical thinking, and so he created Socrates. The two chatted for decades, eventually crafting the Socratic Method. Afterward they realized that they couldn’t just float forever, so together with their critical thinking skills they created the earth based on Truth, Honor, and Virtue. They also fabricated five males and five females.
The Royal Tsar elected to make himself the God of this new world, with Socrates as an angel who would watch over and live with these 10 immortals. Only these ten would be granted the gift of everlasting life. Among them was one Karl G. Maeser, who became their leader. Maeser led the people through times of brain freezes and blonde moments. They were fortunate to have him but did not recognize it, and eventually went their own ways after a major political dispute.
Millenniums later, the immortals still wander in seclusion today. Some try to blend in with today’s society, some hide out in the Alps, and some still commit their knowledge to do some actual good in the world. But wherever they are, they each regret leaving their father figure, Karl G. Maeser.  And that was how the world was fashioned.