Friday, September 9, 2011

How the World Was Created
by Joseph
           In the palace in the swirling night sky a very long time ago lived a mighty man, his wife, and his beautiful twin daughters. One day, the daughters Lukisha and Solaka grew bored of their life with only each other and their parents to play with, so they went to their father and asked for dolls to play with. They wanted powerful men and beautiful women, wise elders, and little children. Their father, a master craftsmen created these dolls. They were so lifelike in the imagination of Lukisha and Solaka they were real and they could talk and walk. Their mother, wise in the ways of magic poured life, feeling and emotion into the dolls, hoping to delight the two girls. The girls called them "Man" and kept them in a special pen.
           Years passed. The elders of mankind grew old and died, the beautiful women and powerful men grew old and became elders, the children became the beautiful men and women, and more children were made by their father periodically. While the cycle changed the face of man in their pen, it also changed the beautiful twins. Lukisha grew hair as black and as long as the wing of an eagle. Solaka stayed light skinned and fair and as equally stunning in beauty. While they were both beautiful, they grew apart in personality. Lukisha became closed, dark, and unhappy with her simple life with her loving parents. Solaka was ever happy, shiny, and open. However, the two girls were still united in their passion for Man. However, Man was unhappy in living such a boring life in their pen.
           Solaka could not bear the thought of her precious beings being unhappy, so she asked her parents if they could create a larger pen for their precious beings. Her father and mother had grown aged and feeble and had lost their touch in the arts of building and magic. "
           Solaka," said her father, "you and Lukisha know your little beings best and together you can create the most perfect land for your beings."
           So Solaka and Lukisha met together to discuss the ideal world for their beings. "It should be dark and cold to make sure that Man will never forget us," Lukisha insisted. "But they glory in the warmth and light," Solaka insisted. In the end, neither Solaka or Lukisha could compromise and Man suffered. Solaka and Lukisha's father slowly withered away to where the children he made for man were flawed, calloused, imperfect. Their mother could no longer perform the complex magical spells. Because of this, Man had to eat and drink and do other inconveniences that they did not have to do earlier. Man made many pleas for Solaka and Lukisha to compromise. In the end, the pleadings of Man won.
           Eventually Solaka conjured  a cold, but white landscape of ice, and Lukisha made a dark roaring sea. Solaka made day to warm up the cold landscape. Lukisha created night to keep the balance. Solaka made the stars to light up the darkest of nights. Lukisha made the storm, to dampen the day.  Solaka made the fish of the sea, the eagle and the majestic walrus to provide food and supplies for the people. Not to be out done, Lukisha made the whale, sled dog for transportation and the mighty polar bear to keep a little bit of control over the creation of Solaka.. But the girls still quarreled after creating the perfect environment on who had control of Man. They finally settled on 12 months of the year: Three when Lukisha would have control, and night would prevail  three when Solaka would be ruler and there would be no night and in between these times, Lukisha and Solaka would share the time. They created a window from their palace in the sky so they could keep watch and still take care of their ailing parents. Solaka's face can be seen every day in the window, moving east to west to check on her people. And at night Lukisha's white face can be seen in the sky silently governing the people below. In fact the descendents still call when the northern lights dance across the window to the Kingdom of the Sky,  they call it Solaka's scarves, and when the winds howl and the show rides the gusts across the land, Man's descendents call it Lukisha's dance.
           Over the years, Man's descendents figured out how to make igloos to stay warm, boats to conquer the water, and how to cultivate their gifts from the heavens. But they still remember Lukisha and Solaka, the benevolent creators of their world.

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  1. Awesome! It really brings out a balanced writing 'flavor.'